If you’re a lover of authentic southern American soul you are in for a major treat because The Willie Mitchell Royal Studios  “Memphis Soul Revue” will be  touring in Europe from juli till august 2012, Japan and the United States. Featuring legendary deep soul singers Bobbie Bland, Otis Clay, Syl Johnson, Don Bryant and two new generation  soul singers Peter Corn from Amsterdam and Tameka “Big Baby” from Memphis.

The Memphis Soul Revue revolves around Boo Lawrence Mitchell, the son of the legendary Willie Mitchell, trumpeter, producer, and owner of Memphis’ Waylo Records, boasting in addition the talents of The original Hodges Brothers, Teenie, Leroy and Charles, featering Steve Potts, Lester Snell and the Memphis Horns.

Memphis is also celebrating a new generation of international soul artists with the relaunch of Willie Mitchell’s Waylo records threw the new album Love is here! with Peter corn and the Hodges Brothers featering Steve Potts, Lester Snell, Tameka “Big Baby and the Memphis Horns”.

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